Introducing Broker

moneyTo be our Introducing Broker, you will earn the inducstry’s highest level of reward by your introducing traders’ trading volume.

The greatest advantage of being our introducing broker, you will be able to earn money permanently without doing anything as long as your introduced traders doing trades.

In case of introducing broker, rewards will be paid in proportion to trading volume by your introduced traders. Which means, you will earn rewards much even if you introduce less traders with high trading volume.

Your earnabale reward may vary by trading volume, in a word you cannot earn anything even if your introduced traders make deposit 1 million dollors or 1 billion dollors without doing trades. In a opposite side, you will be a ble to get reward if your introduced traders do lots of trades.

Introducing Broker Reward

LSFT offers the highest level of condition by preceding archivement. Below is an introdcing borker’s reward example per at least reward of 0.25 pips and an average reward of 0.50 pips per round trip per 1 lot. It is obviously how much you can get reward by your introduced traders’ trading volume per month.
*1lot = 100,000 currency units

We pay special bonus to remarkable Introducing Brokers apart from ordinary reward.

Introducing Broker’s reward comparison Table (for 0.25 pips per lot and 0.50 pips per lot.)

Monthly trading volume Reward (0.25 pips per lot)
100lot 250USD
500lot 1,250USD
1,000lot 2,500USD
2,000lot 5,000USD
4,000lot 10,000USD
8,000lot 20,000USD
10,000lot 25,000USD
40,000lot 100,000USD
Monthly trading volume Reward (0.5 pips per lot)
100lot 500USD
500lot 2,500USD
1,000lot 5,000USD
2,000lot 10,000USD
4,000lot 20,000USD
8,000lot 40,000USD
10,000lot 50,000USD
40,000lot 200,000USD

How to be an Introducing Broker

Applying Introducing Broker program will be completed in 3 minutes. You can start Introducing Broker business immediately and your reward will be set as 0.25 pips per lot. Your reward will be reviewed every month by analyzing your archivements.

We will set physical meeting or via phone meeting if you are experienced Introducing Brokers and people who can introduce more than 50 investors evenif you have no Introducing Broker experience and your reward ratio may vary.